OSH a beautiful City

Osh State Medical University can also enjoy their college life to its fullest in the beautiful city Osh. 
Osh is the oldest city in Kyrgyzstan and also the second largest city in the country. Referred to as the capital of the south, Osh is one of the most happening places in Kyrgyzstan. The city also has the largest and most crowded outdoor market in Central Asia. Osh also has rich historical importance. A monument in the name of southern Kyrgyz queen Kurmanjan Datka, a Russian Orthodox Church, the 16th century Rabat Abdul Khan mosque etc are few of the historical attractions in Osh. It has Kyrgyzstan’s only World Heritage site, the Sulayman Mountain by its side. This mountain also known as the Stone Tower is considered as the midpoint of the famous Silk Road. It also has the National Historical and Archaeological Museum complex carved inside. It houses a large collection of information about the local flora and fauna of the Osh region. A spectacular view of city Osh is possible from Sulayman Mountain. Regarding connectivity, there are daily flights from Osh to capital city Bishek and other regions in the northern part of Kyrgyzstan. 

OSH City

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