Reasons that make OSH State University a better place

 Why Osh state Medical University

Firstly the M.D. degree awarded by Osh State Medical University is accredited, recognized and listed with WHO (World Health Organization). This degree is also approved by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates in United States, International Medical Education Directory and also by the Medical Council of India. In short, the degree awarded by Osh State Medical University is recognized all over the world. Graduates from Osh State Medical University after their course are immediately registered with medical councils in their respective countries and are presently occupying important positions in their specialization. 
Osh State University is equipped with most modern facilities and infrastructure to deliver world class medical education for its students. Students are trained at the highest scientific and professional level in the advanced clinical hospitals in Osh State Medical University. To name a few, all types of advanced diagnostic techniques, thermovision, laser therapy, endoscopic technique, angiography, treatments using hyperbaric oxygenation, efferent methods of de toxication and many more. 
Apart from the academic life, there are enough facilities for recreation for students in Osh State Medical University. Facilities for sports, extracurricular lessons, arts clubs and theater and many more are well encouraged inside the campus. Campus also has a multicultural setting with students coming from diverse backgrounds. So Osh State Medical University is one place where you get to acquire high standards of medical education in a beautiful and scenic city and at affordable cost.

  • No Donations
  • Study Medicine at the Medical faculty, Osh State University English-Russian Medium for Foreign students.
  • High standard professional Medical Education.
  • Degree of M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) is awarded (equivalent to MBBS in India) a widely recognized and accepted degree in most countries as compared to MB or MBBS degree.
  • Recognised and accredited by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, United States of America (ECFMG) (FAIMER) which gives right, Graduate to take USMLE and continue Postgraduate Education in America.
  • Graduate of the Medical Faculty, Osh State University are eligible to take Screening Test by Medical Council of India.
  • Graduates are eligible to work in India, Pakistan, Europe, America, Japan and other countries.
  • An affordable tuition fees.
  • An ideal Climate and Weather.
  • A city with economical and affordable living conditions.
  • An ideal academic environment.
  • Comfortable Hostel is provided.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  • A lot of places extracurricular and refreshment activities, Swimming pools, Indoor-Outdoor sports centers, Cinema, Drama Theater, Winter sports tracks Ice Skating etc.
  • Abundance historic sites, different galleries, Museum and exhibitions.
  • Medical Institute, Osh states University has 9 hostels.
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